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Welcome Brides & Grooms,

City2City Productions has provided Photography, Videography and DJ services for all types of ethnic and cultural Brides & Grooms since 1983... City 2 City has worked with Spanish, Jewish, Greek, American Indian, India, Hawaiian, German, English, Mexican, Asian, Japanese, African American, Polish, Phillipino, Austrailian, Italian, Russian, Swiss, French, Brazilian and several others... With our intercultural experience it just makes your day go that much smoother.

Chicago Bride at the Bean in Millennium Park

Our smiles say it all (Lizette and Benjamin) 2012

                             Steve & Groomsmen 
                                              (My wedding was a blast) 1989

     Joseph & Leslie (Our wedding was 100% perfect). 1984

Wedding Services


At City2City/Aim High we have provided brides and grooms with the finest Wedding Photography, Videography, and DJ services for over the past 25 years. Our staff is friendly, professional and will help you creatively tailor your wedding perfectly how you want it and with reasonable prices.

At City2City we strive to follow these 3 rules: 

1. Capture the special moments through photography

2. Capture the event on video for a lifetime of memories

3. Create the mood through music for a unforgettable reception

* You may book 1, 2 or all 3 services

Your wedding day Deserves More than the Ordinary...

One of the most important decisions you will ever make in planning your wedding is who is the best Photographer, Videographer or DJ for my special day. Who will capture my wedding and make everyone  feel special and give me fond memories for years to come. We listen to you!

The photographers capture each moment of your day by capturing the beauty, romance, emotion, and joy of your wedding.

The Videographer captures the event with audio and video so you can watch your day over and over. It's great for those that can't make your special event or by being out of town... It's also a great way to remember loved one's who have passed through the years... the kids will enjoy watching Mom & Dad on their big day...

The DJ creates the mood and is important in having your reception flow for all. When you choose City2City we give you a worry free day to enjoy your special even and have fun.


 Cathy and Mark (It was magical) She is BeWitched with joy...


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